Loop Sealant

PU204 Loop Sealant

PU204 is a cold pour adhesive designed to encapsulate loop sensors, protecting them from extremes of temperature as well as moisture ingression. 

It is also strong enough to protect the loops from objects such as road grit which, with its sharp edges, can cut into the loops.

PU204 comes in an easy to use kit form. Simply pour all of the hardener into the resin and mix together preferably with an electric drill and an appropriate mixing attachment or a mixing stick. With correct mixing, perfect results will be obtained every time.

PU204 is available in 5kg kits.   

A typical installation uses approximately 10 kits per lane.

Like the majority of our products, PU204 is non hazardous and therefore easily shipped around the world.                         

PU204 Loop Sealant - Technical Data 

Colour of Mixed System Black
Density of Resin 1.59
Density of Hardener 1.23
Density of Mixed System 1.53
Viscosity of Resin 80 Poise @ 25°C
Viscosity of Hardener 4 Poise @ 20°C
Viscosity of Mixed System 17 Poise @ 20°C
Pot Life 25 mins @ 20°C (150g mass)
Set Time 30 mins @ 20°C (150g mass)
Full Cure Time 2 days
Peak Exotherm 57°C at 150g mass
Shore A Hardness after 24hrs at room temperature A: 90        B after 5 secs: 88
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