Cabinet Base Sealants

PX801 Cabinet Base Sealants

PX801 is a cabinet base sealant exhibiting excellent adhesion and flow characteristics ensuring that the base is sealed against moisture, gas, rodents and the ingression of weeds. Therefore increasing the life of the components.

PX801 comes in an easy to use twinpack ensuring the right ratio of hardener to resin is achieved every time. Once the contents have been mixed thoroughly, the contents can be emptied on to the pre-prepared cabinet base.




The use of twinpacks for this application means that the correct amount can be mixed for the job - minimising wasted material.

The twinpacks come in an easy to handle 1kg size.



PX801 Cabinet Base Sealant - Technical Data                            

Colour of Mixed System Black
Density of Resin 1.13
Density of Hardener 1.08
Density of Mixed System 1.1
Viscosity of Resin 4 Poise @ 25°C
Viscosity of Hardener 25 Poise @ 25°C
Viscosity of Mixed System 14 Poise @ 25°C
Pot Life 35 mins @ 20°C (150g mass)
Gel Time 2 hours @ 20°C (150g mass)
Full Cure Time 2 days
Peak Exotherm 70°C  at 150g mass
Shore A Hardness after 24hrs at room temperature    A: 88        B after 5 secs: 75
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