Cable Joint Accessories


Insulated Straight Connectors


 Product Code  Cable Range
 MP162  1.5-4 mm2
 MP151  1-10 mm2
 MP157  6-25 mm2
 MP158  16-50 mm2


Constant Force Springs


Product Code Cable Range Width
MP164 4-10 mm2 6.35mm
MP87 10-15 mm2 9.5mm
MP88 14-22 mm2 16mm
MP111 18-29 mm2 16mm
MP112 23-37 mm2 16mm
MP113 31-50 mm2 16mm
MP114 44-70 mm2 20mm


Insulating Tapes

Weather proof pvc insulating tapes.

Available in a range of colours.

Cable Joint Insulating Tape


Cable Joint Insulated Braid

Insulated Braids

Range of stranded copper insulated with green pvc.


Mechanical In-line connectors

Shear head connectors suitable for both copper and aluminium cables.

Cable Joint Mechanical Connectors


Cable Joint Branch Connectors

Branch connectors

Range of connectors suitable for 6-400mm2 cables.




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