It is fair to say that ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, the world's leading quality management standard has just come through one of the largest changes in recent history.  When the 2008 standard was introduced there were only minor tweaks however the introduction of ISO 9001-2015 saw significant change.  One of the key points to note is the harmonisation across ISO platforms at a High-Level Structure to make it easier to use in conjunction with other management system standards e.g. 14001.  Alongside this a greater importance is given to risk across the business unit.

All companies who are currently certified to ISO 9001- 2008 will need transition across to the new standard ISO 9001-2015 by September 2018 when the “old” standard becomes defunct.  There was early enthusiasm to transition across to the new standard and it was thought that by the close of 2016 approximately 25% of companies needing to transition would have done so, the number was in fact closer to 15% which means that approximately 85% of companies have still to transition across in an ever-tightening timescale, resulting in increased pressure on the auditing system to make it happen.

Global are pleased to announce that we are early “transitioners” having successfully certified to ISO 9001-2015 in February 2017.  Quality is at the heart of Global Resins and embracing the new standard at our natural re-assessment date was the right thing to do rather than push the transition date closer to the cut off date for change.  Overall the feelings for the changes are very positive, maybe it is how we have embraced the requirements but it is felt the system is more integrated into the business as whole with a greater focus on risk and opportunity.